Old Slide Sunday 3

Happy Labor Day! This picture is actually from the fourth of July, the bicentennial, apparently, but I couldn't wait. This photo was taken in my grandparents' back yard, in Greenwich, CT.
I remember the patio they had, with steps that led up through the ivy and into the woods. I wasn't alive when this photo was taken, but I can still picture myself there, kicking a ball, or hiding from my little brother. There was a canopy of trees overhead, so we were always in the shade. There was a rich, damp smell to it all, The patio was made of big red pavers with moss growing out of the cracks. If it still exists, that patio has seen a lifetime of grill outs, fourths of July, anniversaries, and birthdays. Their house was close enough to the airport that you could hear planes overhead on a fairly regular basis.

Slate roofs, vine-covered brick and mortar, overgrown oaks and maples. That whole town had a Victorian feel to it, like stepping into a time machine. Cliche but true- you can never go home again.

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