New photographs

I've been interested in photographing food for a while, and have done a little. Mostly liquor and wine bottles, and such. This is my first attempt at photographing cooked food. I made the grilled cheese myself, it took a couple of tries to get it to look right, so we also got lunch out of the deal. Let me know what you think!


Bel (a cat)

It seems as though showing your pets is the first order of business around here, so this is Bel. She's a cat. She's lovable, but she likes to work her claws into your skin. Win some, lose some, I guess.


It's a blog! It's my first real blog... hopefully. It depends on how long I keep it up. I promise to do my best and keep something entertaining going on...
--cricket, cricket--
Ok, so I am into photography, I have a wife and a daughter, I am finishing up college... what else do you want from me?