Old Slide Sunday 15

This picture had to come out eventually. It's the only picture I've ever seen of my dad or grandmother smoking. In fairness, this was when they "didn't know about the health effects." I don't see that as a very good excuse, personally. Either way though, they both quit a long time ago, so it's all gravy... mmmm gravy... Happy Thanksgiving.


Old Slide Sund- er, Tuesday 14

By special request, here's my aunt and uncle looking extra sharp for the camera. Sorry for the delay in posts, I've been super busy.


Old Slide Sunday 13

It's Goofy! I don't really have much to say about this one. It's late.


Out of Control Spam

I thought they passed legislation to control spam? It's fun to try and imagine the people who do this, and what their face would look like being punched. How can this still be profitable? Who clicks on these ads? And whats with the weird text at the bottom? I see it a lot in the spam that gets through to me. I might collect them and construct a poem.


Old Slide Sunday 12

Another photo from the cruise. I imagine the chap on the top to be a captain or first mate, overseeing the voyagers of another fine trip across the sea. Or he's a waiter on a smoke break, I don't know, but I like all the strong diagonal lines in this one with the people fitting in between. It reminds me of this recently discovered Eugene De Salignac photograph.