Animoto is great!

Animoto is a program that allows you to animate your photos. Well, actually it does it completely for you. I took all of the pictures that I have posted on this site so far and put them into a thirty second video. The service is super simple and intuitive and uses great effects, though creative control is highly limited. The more I look at the video I made, the more I think that these particular effects would be more suitable for a motocross race than any kind of lower key event. It is neat though how it analyzes and syncs the music and photos.

Animated video slide shows could be a cool way to market photos. It would be incredibly effective to present a wedding or other event this way, a real eye-catcher. I just want more control.

Animoto is free for any 30 second video. For an unlimited length video, they charge $3 per video or a $30 one year subscription. Not a bad deal if you can put it to good use. Which you can.

Here's my video:

Here's a link to the site.

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