The World Without Us

Alan Weisman has a book out called The World Without Us. It definitely sounds like something I want to read. I found the website and it reminded me of a project I did about decay. I've often imagined what would (will) happen if (when) people become extinct.

Weisman presents a well thought out prospect in this book. Nature will reclaim our lawns, homes, buildings and roads. The air and water will eventually return to its pre-human state. Buildings and bridges will eventually lose their battles with gravity. I wonder if, in the meantime, other animals will inhabit any of our structures. Picture a mountain lion sleeping on your couch, squirrels nesting in your hamper, and leprechauns cooking in your kitch- oops, imagination overload.

At the very least, it's fun to think about.

Here are some pictures from my project.

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