Eaten' sum soop

Okay, a break from the old slides. This one needed to be shared. I am more and more in awe these days with what I can only call my child's development.
I don't want to be one of those parents who goes on and on about how smart, talented, beautiful or other wise superlative their child is. Don't get me wrong, my kid could mop the floor with your kid, but being one who values humility, I hesitate to jump to any delusions of grandeur (for both our sakes).
Our apartment is flooded with drawing after drawing. If I were organized enough, I could put them in chronological order and actually track her progress. I remember when her art first became "objective." Two dots and a line. Now she adds fingers, hair, whiskers, shoes, people looking out windows, I'm amazed.

I'll work on scanning some to share.

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Mom said...

G = love this one and your dialogue underneath. You are very talented (and a little biased). Keep some of the pictures - you will be glad you did some day, trust me. Love you, Mom